We are the data-driven content company that evolves with the world.


Our content drives tens of millions of human emotions around the globe each and every day.

Whether reacting to a shocking current event or a “holy sh*t” life hack, our fans, followers and readers are always compelled to - share a feeling.

Engagement - down to a science.

Guff's in-house creative process, coupled with powerful data and proprietary technologies allows us to create content that’s truly impactful and has people spending serious time engaging with it.

Guff sees a longer time on site per visitor than Buzzfeed, Vox Media, and Vice.

It’s what we call hyper-engagement and happens when we craft compelling content and package it to perform across our highly visible web and social media properties.

In capturing data and recording feedback on content performance in real time, our team is empowered to adjust and optimize for the best engagement, conversion and retention rates across any given target audience.

50+ Million
Social Media Followers

500 Million
Monthly Total Reach

600 Million
Monthly Video Views

83% Millennial
on all of our sites

70% Millennial
on our fully verified Facebook network

65% Millennial
on our fully verified Instagram network

10% Click-Through-Rate
vs. 0.5-0.99% industry avg.

5-6% Engagement / Post
vs. 0.5-0.99% industry avg. on Facebook

5% Engagement / Follower
vs. 2.3% platform avg. on Instagram

Instagram Verticals

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We ask really weird questions.
Your download on the downloads.

Our fully integrated team has developed a suite of proprietary solutions that grows your audience and drives increasing engagement through relevant, high-performing content strategies.

Whether producing microcontent for Instagram or large-scale video campaigns designed to perform cross platform, our creative team are experts at creating branded content people actively engage with.

Work directly with our in-house editorial team to creatively and seamlessly integrate your brand into a compelling story that aligns with your identity, mission and/or message.

We offer plug-and-play solutions across our .com’s, vast network on Instagram and Facebook as well as pre-produced video and live stream activations.

We transform brands into digital publishers so you can move past traditional hit-or-miss practices and amass a truly engaged audience.

Guff’s proprietary publishing platform and Viral Science methodology ensure you reach the largest possible audience and keep them on your content for the longest possible time.


Our seamlessly integrated ad units are designed to capture your audience’s attention.

We have premium units available for both mobile and desktop. Whether it’s pre-roll, video takeover or interstitials, we have a solution that tells your story.

Our native units integrate seamlessly across all of our properties. Our audiences can connect to your brand in a way that integrates into our content.

In addition to our premium placements, we offer standard IAB ads. Whatever you're looking for, we have a solution that suits your needs.

For more information, or to work with us, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

Email: contact@guff.com